Home of a giant snapping turtle?


Listen to Jim Lorman, biology and environmental studies professor at Edgewood and chair of Friends of Lake Wingra, give a clue about this week’s photo challenge. In the photo, Jim stands at center, flanked by David Thompson (left) and our own Gordon (right).

2 Responses to “Home of a giant snapping turtle?”

  1. DorothyK Says:

    Photo found at http://saveourstream.blogspot.com/2010/01/exploring-lake-wingra-in-winter.html and is noted as being Millennium Spring.

    The name, as explained in the article: The largest spring in the Edgewood area is called Millennium Spring by Jim Lorman, because it was first noticed about the year 2000. No one knows why it began then, so we tossed around some ideas. A millennium software glitch? The best idea seemed to be that construction of a building nearby had caused a rearrangement in the groundwater flow.

    (Sent here via Robbie’s Facebook post, btw. I’ll have to keep paying attention… good site!)

  2. Cadwallader C. Washburn Spring | WingraSprings Says:

    […] down to the shoreline, provides seating areas, and wonderful views of the Lake Wingra skyline.  Click here for a podcast discussion of the “New Millennium Spring” with Jim Lorman on Unseen […]

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