Gordon Heingartner

I have an MS in geology from San Jose State University, where, among other things, I looked at the prehistoric earthquake history of an understudied segment of the San Andreas fault near Watsonville, California (http://geopubs.wr.usgs.gov/open-file/of03-450). Upon graduation, I worked for various geologic consulting firms in the San Francisco Bay area. Since relocating to Madison in 2000 — and quickly succumbing to her charms — I’ve taught introductory geology classes at Edgewood College and UW-Whitewater and worked as an engineering aide for the Madison Water Utility.

For the past several years, I’ve also been producing and reporting for In Our Backyard, a local news program on Madison-based community radio station WORT (www.wort-fm.org). I have a wife, two kids, a dog named Sadie, and a cat named Terrence (aka Ti-Ti).

One Response to “Gordon Heingartner”

  1. Dad Says:

    This is all well and good, but you should be honest and say that your dog is a ferocious beast that likes to chew on bikers.

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