Photo challenge of the week (#1)


Later this week we’ll post audio/video from our Wingra subpolar ice expedition. Until then you can read David Thompson’s expedition report (ignore the embarrassing photo). Our first photo challenge of the week asks: Why is there open water on this Madison lake in late January? Send your answer and visit every Monday for a new photo. To get news of Unseen Madison posts, follow Jeff on Twitter.

:: Weekly winners can receive a photo postcard, such as this.

:: Winning 4 photo challenges gets you our usual great prize: either a book (TBD) or 2 hours in the field with Gordon and Jeff.

:: If we receive multiple correct answers, Terrence the Unseen Madison cat holds a random drawing to decide a winner.

One Response to “Photo challenge of the week (#1)”

  1. DorothyK Says:

    That’s what I get for reading from the top down… this post has the same answer I gave above! Kind of like the professor saying to read through the entire quiz before beginning… and getting to the last page where it says, “initial this page and turn it in for an A”… and watching the others slog thorough it from the beginning because they failed to pay attention and read ahead. Sigh. Good lesson for me.

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