Photo challenge of the week (#2)


First, let’s answer photo challenge #1: Lake Wingra has open water here because of a spring. New Millennium spring, located near the boardwalk at Edgewood College, appeared in 2000. Lake Wingra’s springs may explain why it was at the center of an incredibly dense concentration of effigy mounds. About 8 of the lake’s original 30 springs still flow—reduced groundwater affects spring output.

Sharp-eyed viewers of photo #1 may notice an odd shape in the upper right, seen again here. What is this structure? Both photos are from our Lake Wingra slideshow. Send us your answer by next Monday (how to play photo challenge). Later this week we’ll post video of another Wingra spring.

One Response to “Photo challenge of the week (#2)”

  1. DorothyK Says:

    Beaver Lodge.

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