Lake Mendota ice hike


It’s hard to imagine now that spring is in the air, but just a couple short weeks ago, Lake Mendota—and the other Madison lakes—felt like frozen arctic tundra. We can attest to this firsthand, as we took a lovely hike on the ice around Picnic Point and Frautschi Point. We were struck by the sense of vastness and solitude we encountered right in the middle of the city, and wondered how many Madisonians have had the chance to experience this wide and transitory landscape.

Sharon Barbour, winter trekker extraordinaire and friend of Unseen Madison, joined us as we stumbled upon a few of Mendota’s hidden treasures. Here Sharon talks—of her own free will, we swear—about the hike and our sterling qualities.

2 Responses to “Lake Mendota ice hike”

  1. Heather Bella Says:

    Jeff, did I actually just hear you make reference to the Toyota Tercel that went to Alaska? How long did that baby last??

    • Jeff Says:

      You did indeed! Glad to hear from you. The Tercel made it until summer 2000, when the clutch went out and I decided not to replace it. Of course I kept the lucky crystal that was mounted under the windshield. I’ve been meaning to write since your message from your new homestate of Wyoming. I’ll try to get back to you soon.

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