Photo challenge of the week (#7)


photo of week 7 Most Madisonians, especially cyclists and fine diners, know Machinery Row. In the spirit of recalling original meanings, we offer this challenge: what machinery (it’s not bicycles) does Machinery Row refer to? Why a row? In other words, why is this building called Machinery Row? Send an answer by next Monday (how to play photo challenge).

Last week’s photo challenge asked for the name of the UW arboretum‘s massive (and sadly, dead) white oak at the western edge of Curtis Prairie. In 1963, the Jackson Oak (PDF) was named to honor Joe Jackson, also known as Col. Jackson (he’d been a lieutenant colonel in World War I). It would be hard to overestimate Jackson’s impact on the arboretum. In the early decades Jackson was everywhere: negotiating for land, desperately raising money to meet deadlines, promoting the arboretum to citizens and regents. What else can we name after him?

2 Responses to “Photo challenge of the week (#7)”

  1. Tim Wong Says:

    What else can we name after the Jackson of Jackson Oak? My street, Jackson St.

    • Jeff Says:

      Hi Tim,
      Thank you for the comment. Do you know if your Jackson St. is actually named after Joseph Jackson? I’m sure it’s not Andrew Jackson, since all the president streets are near Monroe St. on the west side. Thanks also for playing the photo challenge!


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