Photo challenge of the week (#5)


A dozen outdoor sculptures by Madisonian Sid Boyum make up almost a quarter of the city’s public art. Boyum’s works can be playful, rustic, or Asian-inspired. He died in 1991, and a decade later neighbors moved Boyum’s sculptures out of his backyard for public display (see video). On what street is this Sid Boyum sculpture located? Click the photo to enlarge, and send your answer by next Monday (how to play photo challenge).

We may have been too clever in our last photo challenge, which asked for the old name of this lake. A close look shows the latest installment of Madison’s replica Statue of Liberty, so the lake is Mendota. Until 1855, Mendota was known as Fourth Lake. Why such a mathematical name? Federal surveyors mapping Wisconsin used the Wisconsin-Illinois border as a baseline. Among the Four Lakes, Lake Kegonsa was reached first and called First Lake. That meant Mendota was Fourth Lake.

3 Responses to “Photo challenge of the week (#5)”

  1. Chris Norris Says:

    Atwood Avenue

  2. DorothyK Says:

    I kinda like easy ones… nice chance to explore places I otherwise wouldn’t tho… ‘preciate that. “3 . Blue Dragon Urn (in the garden next to the bike path, Dunning & Atwood, near the water fountain)”

  3. Kathryn Says:

    That’s in the little wedge “park” between Atwood and the bike path, between Dunning and Jackson, or whatever those streets between the big church and Revolution Cycles and Cafe Zoma are called.

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