Dead Lake Ridge podcast


Our new podcast could be about a humble and charming Madison landmark — but it’s not. Listen to the story of a dramatic place, Dead Lake Ridge, with a dramatic appearance: “a ridge of considerable elevation the crest of which is serrated by a series of ancient monuments of earthwork.” The ridge was in the middle of the city and overlooked Madison’s lakes and isthmus until the early 1900s. Its destruction was “a crime which should never have been perpetrated.”

5 Responses to “Dead Lake Ridge podcast”

  1. Stu Levitan Says:

    Great job!

  2. Kiapita Says:

    This is really cool!

  3. Jane Simon Says:

    what a great idea! i really enjoyed this….jane

  4. Lisa Roman Says:

    Very nice podcast, such a tragedy this part of the landscape is gone.

  5. Percy Mather Says:

    Hear Jeff speak at 2pm on Sunday, April 4 in Rm 116 Predolin Hall at the annual meeting of the Dudgeon-Monroe Neighborhood Association.

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