What’s happening now


:: Gordon attends a dedication for the Effigy Tree sculpture in Hudson Park on Saturday, Sept. 26 (details here). Next week we’ll play some of his audio clips from the event.

:: New quiz for October coming soon: look at photos and guess locations of local effigy mounds. We’ll award either two hours in the field with us or a copy of Indian Mounds of Wisconsin. Your choice!

:: We have a September quiz winner. Word is she’s looking forward to two hours with us, even though the book is the ultimate guide to the state’s effigy mounds and possibly signed by co-author Bob Birmingham. (OK, you may be better off with the book, but we are available.)

:: Follow Jeff or Gordon on Twitter. We don’t tweet often, but when we do you can be sure you’re getting your 140 characters’ worth.

:: We swear that our first Unseen Madison podcast is almost done. The highlight of our outtakes: a Richard Nixon Watergate clip!

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