Photo challenge of the week (#15)


photo of week 15Spring is a good time to see Madison’s public art (including Sid Boyum’s eastside art). We can vouch that this bronze and limestone sundial keeps good time. Where is the sundial located? Answers are due by next Monday (how to play the challenge).

Last week’s photo challenge was about the elegant stone entrance to Spring Trail pond, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1926. A decade later the “duck pond” became part of the UW arboretum. In winter, water kept open by spring flow attracts hundreds of mallards and a kingfisher or two. Charles Brown wrote that “This fine spring was known to the Winnebago Indians who camped in early days at this place, as ‘Nibin-nagoo,’ or the trail spring, being on or near an old Indian trail.”

In the 1920s Wright also built a wall across Nakoma Rd. for the Dicksons, new owners of Old Spring Tavern. As Mrs. Dickson remembered, “Frank Lloyd Wright & his stone mason built the stone wall around the place, Frank Lloyd as boss, I can still see him with his old brown leather britches, giving his ideas & council…”

2 Responses to “Photo challenge of the week (#15)”

  1. Joshua Mayer Says:

    This sundial is located in the Herb Garden of the Olbrich Botanical Gardens. It is entitled “Stone Sundial and was created using limestone and bronze by artist Michael Burns.

  2. Dorothy Says:
    Olbrich Botanical Gardens, Herb Garden

    Haven’t been around for a few weeks. Thanks for the virtual tours!

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